Where are we located?
Our sales office is in Christchurch, New Zealand.
For Wholesale and Retail enquiries, please email us here.

Do you have a showroom?
Yes we do have a showroom, generally open by appointment only.
As we are running our sale at the moment, we will be opening the showroom from the first week of February for selected days and times. Please check our social media pages for showroom opening hours.

What types of fabrics do you sell?
Handloom and powerloom silks, georgette, organza and chiffon silks, silk satins, embroidered silks and mixed silks. We also have a range of viscoses and other fabrics as part of our sale.
Currently the only fabrics online are sale fabrics. We will load our non sale fabrics onto the website in the coming weeks. If there is a specific colour you are looking for and can’t find it, please contact us here.

How long is your sale on for?
The Sale commences on January 15, 2024 and will be run until further notice.
Fabric stocks are limited to what is held in our NZ warehouse and will not be repeated once sold.

Do you supply wholesale and retail customers?
Yes, we supply both types of customers for non sale and sale items.

How do I become a wholesale customer?
Please get in touch with us here.

Do your prices shown on the website include gst?
Yes, all prices displayed on our website are retail prices and include gst. They do not include freight, which will be an additional cost added to your order at the check out.
For international orders, we will advise you on the sales tax at the time of ordering.

What is a Handloom Silk and Powerloom Silk?
Handloom silks are textured silks with a noticeable grained finish. They have a soft sheen to them and often have two colours appearing in the same fabric (woven into the warp and weft), commonly referred to as a "shot" finish. Handloom silks are best worn with the grain running across the body from selvedge to selvedge and they can be used for most dress making and bridal patterns, crafting and curtains.

Powerloom silks are smooth looking silks with a slight texture or slub. They have a natural sheen to them and often have two colours appearing in the same fabric (woven into the warp and weft), commonly referred to as a "shot" finish. Powerloom silks are best worn with the grain running across the body from selvedge to selvedge and they can be used for most dress making and bridal patterns, crafting and curtains.

Do you have a minimum cut size?
Yes, our minimum cut on all fabrics is 0.5m.
If you order less than this online, we will round it up to the nearest 0.5m after 1mtr.
We are working on an app that will allow you to enter 0.5m into your order but it may take a while. In the meantime, send us a note with your order.

How do I know how many metres are available of a fabric?
All our fabrics loaded onto our website have an estimated meterage available per fabric. Sometimes this figure may be wrong but we do our best to ensure its accuracy and update our site regularly. We will get in touch with you directly if there is a variation to quantity ordered for any reason, before we charge or send you anything.

What size is a Swatch Size and do I have to pay for them?
Our swatch sizes are a 10cms (4”) cut x whatever the width of the fabric is.
For example, if the fabric is is 112cms wide, your swatch size will be 10cms x 112cms.

You can order as many swatches are you like; these will be added to your cart. All swatches need to be paid for.
If no swatch option appears next to a fabric, it’s because we have very limited stock of that fabric.

How can I be sure of an item’s colour?
Whilst we do our best to describe an items colour, sometimes due to screen variation and different interpretations of colour descriptions it is impossible to guarantee exact colour matches. This is why we strongly recommend you order a swatch before purchasing as we don't accept returns on cut fabrics, (unless it has a clear fault.) Customers who follow this advice never regret it, and will ensure your expectations are met. If you are concerned that a fabric may become sold out by the time you receive your swatch, you can always email us and ask if this is likely to happen with the fabric you are getting a swatch of.

What is Silks NZ’s returns policy?
Unfortunately we do not accept fabrics returns once an order has been cut and dispatched.
We do recommend that you order a swatch before purchasing a fabric, to ensure the colour and texture is correct for you.

What if the fabric has a flaw in it?
Silk is a natural fibre that is often woven by hand. Batch-to-batch colour and texture variation may occur. Any irregularities add to its beauty and should not be construed as a flaw.
Silks NZ make every effort to provide its customers with exceptional quality fabric, so in the event that a fabric arrives damaged or flawed, please contact us as soon as possible here.

Do you accept a bank transfer as payment?
Yes we do, payment options are listed in the Check Out menu.

How long does it take to ship and do you ship internationally?
In NZ, we use the standard and overnight courier service with Post Haste and Castle Parcels, which is trackable. Delivery timeframes vary from overnight through to 2-5 days however Silks NZ is not responsible for those timeframes or issues relating to freight.
We will email you a tracking reference number at the time of dispatch, should you need to follow up with the delivery or check package status.

Yes, we ship internationally to Australia. We have two freight rates listed for all our shipping (to Australia) however these are likely to change depending on your address. We can give you an accurate shipping cost before we send you your order, so please use the two shipping rates (shown when you order) as a guide but it may not be the final cost. Wherever possible, we will use the most economical and safest method to get your goods to you. All deliveries are tracked however Silks NZ will not be held responsible for non-delivery of your parcel.

If you would like to place an order from any other part of the world, get in touch for pricing and freight estimates via our Contact Us page.